Founded in 2007, Leia Cleaning Services having experienced numerous cleaning services in the past and finding there was a lack in quality and service, she turned her dream of owning her own business into a reality. Leia Cleaning Services provided the outstanding customer service she was looking for so many years ago. Eleven years later she maintains the same excitement of a job well done as she did back then. Leia often says she owes her success to a “hands on” approach. Her consistent and positive feedback from customers and employees are daily testaments to that.

Leia Cleaning Services prides itself on serving the local community. It is a home grown company and still remains so almost 11 years later. Customers have comfort and peace of mind knowing Leia Cleaning Services is the right choice. Leia Cleaning Service’s message and mission is to always remember how important a happy customer is and what it takes to maintain their trust.